What Is Archetypal Counseling?

Know Yourself


 Why Archetypal Counseling?

What are these archetypes and why are they following me?

    Archetypal Counseling is like holding a magnifying glass up to your psyche so that you can clearly see the different parts of your self. It’s about really knowing your patterns of behavior and understanding your personal power. If you have ever been surprised or confused by your own reactions or behavior, you may have been seeing an archetype you haven't fully acknowledged in yourself. 

Archetypal Counseling does not subscribe to any belief system;

it can compliment any spiritual, religious or therapeutic practice you may have. 

    Archetypes are the patterns of behavior that manage the flow of power through your psyche. 

Strengthening your ability to connect with your inner self can help you to see your own archetypal patterns. 

Getting quiet and listening to your inner voice will help you secure this connection. 

This is the ultimate goal of our work together. 


    I work with clients on both a short term, and on an ongoing basis. Our work together is entirely guided by your goals. 

I specialize in helping people understand who they are, and to know their life’s purpose. 

Short term counseling focuses on identifying your 12 personal archetypes and their effects on your behavior. 

This work is a powerful tool  as you learn to navigate your moods, decisions, and relationships. 

    Long term counseling takes this work with your personal archetypes and applies it to daily life. 

My job as Archetypal Counselor is to support and bear witness to your transformation. 

I help to shed light on necessary behavior changes that will clear the way for you  to set and achieve your goals. 

     Archetypal Counseling can assist you in many areas of your life:

Relationship To Self

Personal Relationships

Professional Relationships

Setting Goals

High Standards

Decision Making

Bearing Witness


Being Your Word

Sacred Contracts


Learn More About Archetypes


    I have been a student of  author and educational pioneer, Caroline Myss, since reading her book, Anatomy of the Spirit in 1996. Her work has opened me up in ways that are still unfolding. After years of taking in all of her books and lectures, I enrolled in her Sacred Contracts program at the CMED Instutute and dedicated myself to this work. Now, with my own counseling practice, I invite my clients to get acquainted with this great  woman. She is a radiant example of someone fulfilling her Sacred Contract in this life. 


To learn more about archetypes please visit Caroline Myss’s 



Learn More About Alison


Alison Streich, MA Ed., CAC

Alison is a passionate educator and lover of all beings.  

   She has been recognized as Oakland Unified's Teacher of The Year, and was given Alameda County's Golden Gear Award for Best Arts Educator.  Along with her work as a teacher, Alison maintains a busy counseling practice. Her Archetypal Counseling work focuses on wellness, and living in the present moment through self-knowledge. She specializes in personal empowerment, goal setting, and sacred contracts. Alison's  mission is to make the world a better place through empowering people to be their best selves. 

Alison is a mother, a violinist and an avid gardener.  She loves audiobooks, tarot reading, and traveling. A native Oakland girl, she's got her own unique take on the world and she'll be the  first to tell you she's one of the luckiest people she knows.