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Welcome to Quiet Room Studio



 Quiet Room Studio is a place where you can  step away from your busy life,  

and listen to the wisdom inside of yourself. 

The work we do here is rooted in the present moment. 

Our goal is to live life with joyful purpose and intention. My role as guide is to help you to really know yourself. Archetypal Counseling is the lens we use to look inside and understand the different aspects of the self. Together we can identify your personal archetypal patterns so that you can better understand your own behavior, and to know the meaning and purpose of your life. 

 I  find so much joy seeing people grow and change.

Quiet Room Studio, located in Oakland’s Laurel District, is a place for cultivating your best self, building your dreams, and making them a reality.  


Archetypal Counseling

Spiritual Direction