Alison’s  archetypal counselings revealed itself to me when I was at a crossroads  in my life.  Not knowing much about AC, she introduced me to a new way  of viewing myself and the world.  As we walked through the archetypes  she lead me on a path of self discovery, and most importantly she bore  witness to that journey, sprinkling her wisdom along the way.  She is an  amazing listener and has a way of seeing YOU that creates a nurturing place  to journey within.  She offers feedback, and accountability when  needed. Her life experience and training offers  a perspective of seeing  situations in ways that I have not. Most importantly, she has a  presence about her that motivates me to dive deeper into my inner world,  to hear and trust the voice within. 

                                                                                                                                                                                               - Alyson

I started working with Alison at the very beginning of her journey as  an archetypal counselor and even back then I recognized that she had an  innate gift. She is a great listener, guided by intuition as well as a  deep knowledge of the archetypes with a very necessary sense of humor  informed by wisdom from lived experience. I have no doubt in my mind  that she actually cares about me. When we see each other after weeks  have passed, she comes with burning questions and thoughts that came up  for her that she wanted to share. This energizes me in my quest for self  inquiry, and I in turn have engaged more with the process in between  sessions. She allows me to feel comfortable just being myself in all my  complexity and messiness and know that I will be seen, loved and  accepted. This is itself very healing and has allowed me to share some  vulnerable aspects of myself that I have kept from other therapists and  healers that Ive worked with before. She is all about forward motion and  not staying stuck in the past. Using the archetypes as the guide, she  has been able to see the best parts of me and lovingly hold me to that  same bar. I highly recommend her!

                                                                                                                                                                                         - Aaron K.


Alison Streich shared her gifts with me through my first adventure into archetypal work. Alison was a knowledgeable, intuitive, and excellent guide into this world.  Alison helped me through a series of sessions where she introduced me to the work and mindfully led me through an exploration which uncovered many interesting truths that thread together beautifully.  The framework she provided was a new and valuable way to view particular aspects of my being.
Alison met me with such professionalism at her comfortable and inviting Quiet Room Studio.  The physical space and environment was a perfect place to settle into and learn more about myself.  I felt warm and safe in her studio working with her.
This best part of working with Alison is that she is profoundly cognizant of what a person wants or needs to get out of the sessions.  Alison was ready to dive deep when I needed, but also aware if a session needed to be a bit lighter in tone. The warmth and trust I felt working with Alison was genuine which allowed me to open. I felt I was in the hands of a seasoned and instinctive life coach. 
I highly recommend Alison Streich and an adventure of opening your mind and heart to Archetypal studies.
                                                                                                                                                                                    -   Beth V.

I have to admit - the first time I heard "archetypes," I thought to  myself that the world of this type of counseling and psychology would be  archaic and religiously based. That is inherently false; there is some  amazing science behind the work Alison does with myself and her clients.  Sometimes you just need a space to vent. Sometimes you need a guide to  strategize for yourself how to move forward. Or, sometimes you just need  some spiritual guidance. Alison provides that kind of safe space and  offers a strong emotional empathy along with it. Every session is worth  it, and each time I sit down with her I build a deeper understanding of  myself as I relate to the rest of the world, my missions and my vision.  This is a different kind of counseling, and one I feel I can trust  deeply. I recommend her wholeheartedly and hope that you,  too, will gain the ability to take a deep dive into your psyche over  time. 

                                                                                                                                                                                          - James A.